Photographer Per Magnus Persson

My clients are mainly magazines and companies, and I also do editorial and commercial work. I am used to working with both small and large teams, and I really enjoy working with skillful and professional people that, like me, have high demands on the end result.

I also plan and set up storyboards and make arrangements with models and stylists at different locations, in Sweden and abroad.

I am used to work in studios, both in my own in Stockholm and in different rental-studios at various locations. With or without models.

I am very happy about what I am doing, mixing my days with interior, food, people and different places and locations, and as well in studios. 

Lightning in photography is, of course very important, and there is always more to learn about it. Editing is also a big part of photography and I put a lot of effort into to that part to really get the best result and style, to the end result.